The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published: 12 May 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Dive into sources and further reading here:

    Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.

    Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading.

    So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

    • Nick Korkodylas
      Nick Korkodylas  11 hours back

      I am constantly being called an "anti-vaxxer" and a "science denialist" just for pointing out that it's a bad idea to allow governments make sticking needles in your children mandatory. They also called me a "conspiracy theorist" for pointing out that some vaccines used mercury compounds as preservatives.

    • Jordan Sutche
      Jordan Sutche  3 days back

      The fact you brought up Wakefield's "research" just proved you didn't actually look into it at all. That's a fact.

    • Haziq Aiman
      Haziq Aiman  3 days back

      Ok gus

    • A random Weeb
      A random Weeb  1 weeks back

      500 comments boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  • Joat Zarathustra
    Joat Zarathustra  1 hours back

    I refuse to use antivirus software I don’t want an autistic computer!

    • ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe
      ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe  2 hours back

      I like how as the video progressed they started to roast the anti vaxxers yarder and harder savage.
      And awesome video.

      • janevski
        janevski  2 hours back

        Who's watching this after getting vaccinated?

        • Daddy Long Legs
          Daddy Long Legs  3 hours back

          Wanna roast an anti-vaxxer in the comments can someone just take one for the team and pretend they anti-vax so we can all laugh at them pls

          • ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe
            ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe  2 hours back

            You moron dont you know every person on earth who has taken vaccine yet has died pr is on a verge to death how can you compare something which has 100 percent death rates to the small proportion caused due to no vaxxx

        • SQUACK
          SQUACK  4 hours back

          pharmaceutical companies should have to test vaccines as a drug and should not be immune to lawsuits for childhood vaccines

          • Vary Olla
            Vary Olla  21 minutes back

            Thank you SQUACK = for demonstrating how anti-vaxxer trolls have no idea of what they claim online as others have noted.  Now it's time for a reality break. 

            1 - vaccines undergo rigorous testing via clinical trials per international standards for biological research in human test subjects.  They further undergo after licensure post-marketing surveillance to identify any potential issues which had not manifested in the previous phases of clinical trials.  Lastly in the US there is the VAERS system which also is available for people to record reactions to vaccines.
            2 - because vaccine production is so regulated, comes with high production cost overhead, and vaccines come with low reimbursement since their primary customer are governments who set the prices they will pay by law = only a handful of pharmaceutical companies even bother to make them.  Were it otherwise then we should see lots of companies churning out vaccines per the law of the marketplace..........yet we do not.
            3 - clinical trials as noted identify possible side effects from vaccines.  Therefore when those vaccines are sold to the government who creates the vaccine schedules and who distributes them for administration = the government becomes the "end user" and as such accepts responsibility for any adverse reactions occurring which were previously identified as being possible prior to licensure.  In other words they purchase the vaccines understanding that some people might not react well to using them.  Accordingly they created the VICP to deal with that eventuality.

            Moral of the story:  it's easy to spout hysteria and conspiracy theories online as we see............but citing actual facts is another story altogether.  Vaccine makers are not immune.  If one fails to abide by applicable regulations governing production of vaccines to turn out a defective product = they can be liable to civil suits.  Meanwhile as noted the government accepts responsibility at the time of sale for known possible side effects.  Better luck next time.

          • king ligma4295
            king ligma4295  2 hours back

            @SQUACK these people have done more reasearch than any antivaxxer has done ever

          • largo games
            largo games  3 hours back

            Vaccines get tested idiot

          • king ligma4295
            king ligma4295  4 hours back

            Fuck off

        • SQUACK
          SQUACK  5 hours back

          This video is full of misinformation

          • SQUACK
            SQUACK  5 hours back

            In the USA before the measles vaccine 1 in 500,000 Americans died per year

          • SQUACK
            SQUACK  5 hours back

            Vaccines destroy our health and help big pharma make more money

            • ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe
              ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe  2 hours back

              I know right i know almost 2000 people in my life probably more and every one who has taken vaccing is going to die mannn why do they take vaccines they have 100% death rate

          • SubscribeToPewdiepie
            SubscribeToPewdiepie  5 hours back

            8:30 a mother has just indirectly killed their child by putting them in danger

            • just another account
              just another account  6 hours back

              If your kid dies from a vaccine, its probably better that way...

              • Mariah Hirsch
                Mariah Hirsch  6 hours back

                (⊙□⊙) sugar rush

                • Note Nopeti
                  Note Nopeti  8 hours back

                  Doctor : omae o wa mou shindeir
                  Kids : Nani?

                  • Mysterious Snowball
                    Mysterious Snowball  9 hours back

                    All the dislikes are antivaxxers

                    • Modd
                      Modd  9 hours back

                      Stop Vaccinating. I'm running out of buyers for Infant sized coffins

                      • yousef issa
                        yousef issa  11 hours back

                        Me: **closes phone for 2 seconds**

                        YouTube: hey I'll give you two new ads because why not

                        • Sum cringey boi
                          Sum cringey boi  11 hours back

                          Do vaccines cause autism?
                          Kurzgesagt: "Well, yes but actually no."

                          • Marco Gögele
                            Marco Gögele  12 hours back

                            Who else looking for Karens

                            • Kysier
                              Kysier  14 hours back

                              I think the saddest part of the whole anti-vax b/s is they not only have no idea how vaccines work, they also lack even fundamental knowledge of what autism is. It's like 2 different schools of ignorance had a baby (that immediately died of measles).

                              • Gabriel Platter
                                Gabriel Platter  14 hours back

                                Birth also causes autism. We should stop birth to stop autism.

                              • Gulag Ticket
                                Gulag Ticket  14 hours back

                                It is simple thing:
                                Vaxxers: Soviet Union 1945
                                Bacterea: German Reich 1945
                                Antivaxxer Children:France 1939

                                • Rainbow the Dragon Cat
                                  Rainbow the Dragon Cat  17 hours back

                                  *Faith in humanity has dropped by 1%*

                                  • Hello hello
                                    Hello hello  19 hours back

                                    Ah yes.
                                    Inslaved autism.

                                    • Josh son ofZeus
                                      Josh son ofZeus  22 hours back

                                      ohh, a bird cell

                                      • Trần Thị Minh Châu Đàm

                                        Memory cells: *Sees Flu virus*

                                        Memory cells: *Has Vietnam Flashback*

                                        Memory cells: FIREBASE ECHO, THIS IS SIERRA GOLF X-RAY REQUESTING IMMEDIATE ARTILLERY SUPPORT AT BRAVO-TANGO-2-1-5-4-6-3-3-7-9.

                                      • אמנון נחשלים

                                        I am glad that we have David Icke for unadulterated information.
                                        Herd immunity=herd ignorance☹

                                        • Xx RangoNLevi06 xX
                                          Xx RangoNLevi06 xX  1 days back

                                          Wait, if u beat cancer does that mean u can’t get it again?

                                          • terrarian
                                            terrarian  5 hours back

                                            No. Sorry but cancer is a mutation in your cells making them multiply uncontrollably so you cannot be immune.

                                          • Vary Olla
                                            Vary Olla  24 hours back

                                            Partially correct Ashley.  You are correct in that cancer represents an idiopathic aberration with your cellular makeup rather than an external pathogen as with infectious diseases.  Yet your body periodically produces aberrant cells as a normal byproduct of the cellular mitosis which drives our bodies.

                                            Your immune system will usually identify these defective cells and instruct them to commit "suicide" via apoptosis.  When that system breaks down however = we see tumors and cancer result.  So cancer represents a dysfunctional immune system and accordingly there is nothing to "learn".  All we can do is to try to destroy those aberrant cells externally via things like chemo or radiation and hope the immune system will kick in to do the rest. 

                                            Moral of the story:  because it failed to do it's job to begin with = it can similarly fail again.  That is why we sometimes see reoccurrence after a time or else cancers affecting other systems.   Something is amiss with the body which it can not overcome = making it subjective to the individual alone.  We can prevent measles because it's cause is a single known virus.  Cancers on the other hand can be the result of multiple etiologies making them difficult to pin down.  Have a nice day.

                                          • Ashley Gardner
                                            Ashley Gardner  1 days back

                                            Cancer is a little different. Cancer is a mutation from cells already inside your body so its nothing you contract. Your body may learn from previous cancer, but cancer cells are much harder to destroy

                                        • Roy the big gey is not go no more gey

                                          Births cause autism

                                          • Lea Tompkins
                                            Lea Tompkins  1 days back

                                            To many antivaxxers dont realize how bad these diseases are. I've herd stories from my grandmother about kids with polio when she was young, and how scary it was you could be next in the hospital with an iron lung.

                                            • Trần Thị Minh Châu Đàm

                                              Me, a coffin seller: *Sees an anti-vaxxer*

                                              Me: *STONKS* 📈

                                              • Nate Da Grate
                                                Nate Da Grate  1 days back

                                                I sorta am half in half out. I've been vaccinated but at the same time I havent been vaccinated in everything. Now please don't kill me, but I do believe that some vaccines are lethal and unnecessary. But vaccines that are necessary obviously are needed. So yea if u wanna get vaccinated just think if it's unnecessary or not

                                                • Danimeme
                                                  Danimeme  1 days back

                                                  Kurzgesagt puts its foot don at the end

                                                  • Aji Pangestu
                                                    Aji Pangestu  1 days back

                                                    Come on leave the antivaxxers alone, they are very valuable to develop new deadly disease so we can reduce our number

                                                    • 6969 subscribers with 0 videos challenge

                                                      harmful bacteria: **enters the second time**
                                                      also harmful bacteria: "why do i hear boss music?"

                                                      • 6969 subscribers with 0 videos challenge

                                                        8k dislikes are from anti vaxxers

                                                        • Playeryboi
                                                          Playeryboi  1 days back

                                                          If you get sick over the weak cousin of measles then you’d probably die with the real measles parasite

                                                          • Rubicon AU
                                                            Rubicon AU  1 days back

                                                            Honestly if I had money I would be buying so much merchandise and using Patreon.

                                                            • Rubicon AU
                                                              Rubicon AU  1 days back

                                                              At 7:38 all 8k Anti-vaccinators disliked. They got proven wrong by probably the *BEST* Channel of its type (my opinion).

                                                              • Ethan Stankowski
                                                                Ethan Stankowski  1 days back

                                                                Did anti-vaxers (in America)
                                                                Fail history class

                                                              • Irwan Nirwana
                                                                Irwan Nirwana  1 days back

                                                                Did u from u.s.a?

                                                                • as
                                                                  as  2 days back

                                                                  Fake video. Vaccines cause more deaths than measles worldwide

                                                                  • Vary Olla
                                                                    Vary Olla  16 minutes back

                                                                    That then as = would a beautiful thing.  That would mean that vaccines had reduced the incidence of measles sooooooooo low = that those rare severe reactions to the MMR then outnumbered actual deaths by measles. Of course it is not true as measles still kills worldwide each year tens of thousands of people = last stat I saw some time back was around 90K.  Meanwhile the chances of death from the MMR are actually extremely low = extremely low.  Better luck next time.

                                                                  • Chris Heil
                                                                    Chris Heil  1 days back

                                                                    Show me them sources like this video did bud....

                                                                  • Danimeme
                                                                    Danimeme  1 days back

                                                                    Oh silly but vaccines prevent measles deaths

                                                                  • MLGBANANABUS
                                                                    MLGBANANABUS  1 days back

                                                                    Who do you think

                                                                  • Playeryboi
                                                                    Playeryboi  1 days back

                                                                    MLGBANANABUS me or as

                                                                • Remer Mequiota
                                                                  Remer Mequiota  2 days back

                                                                  dat end music tho

                                                                  • Remer Mequiota
                                                                    Remer Mequiota  2 days back

                                                                    dont forget about dengue vaccines here in the phillipines

                                                                    • ryahmib
                                                                      ryahmib  2 days back

                                                                      4:55 why your scenario take place in the MCU ?

                                                                    • ZapaX
                                                                      ZapaX  2 days back

                                                                      This video is dedicated to Karen, an anti-vax mom.

                                                                      • Roblox Cringe
                                                                        Roblox Cringe  2 days back


                                                                        • crackerjack fox
                                                                          crackerjack fox  2 days back

                                                                          think of this vaccines are like care packages for you immune system get care pacgaegs and you bady will win e was a vaccinate you and your kids

                                                                          • Illogikalli _
                                                                            Illogikalli _  2 days back

                                                                            Anti vaccine people are retards