Want to Stay in the Castle of the Tale of the Land? 3 Luxury Castle It’s The Answer!

Castle fairy tale, is known still we can meet in the real world, especially in Europe and there are some castles that allow visitors to stay there.

In addition to enjoying the beauty from the outside, some real castle does allow visitors to feel the sensation of staying in it, For example, 3 castles below!

1. Ashford Castle, Ireland

This cave is still complete with towering towers, fortifications, stone staircases, and armor yan lined neatly in it. We will feel a classic feel if you decide to stay at this place. Ashford Castle was built by the Irish family, de Burgo, in 1228. The castle has 83 rooms, a spa and a 140-hectare park. Its location lies near Lake Lough Corrib which is the second largest lake in Ireland. To stay in this place, we must provide money starting from US$ 488

2. Dornroschenschloss Sababurg Castle, Germany

In Germany, there is a castle named Dornroschenschloss Sababurg located in Hofgeismar Town. This 650-year-old castle is surrounded by a royal-style fortress. It is said that this fort was built to embrace the people of Reinhardswald Forest from the evil creature called Grimm. The price per night to stay at this castle starts from US$ 187

3. Swinton Park Castle, UK

Swinton Park is a castle belonging to the Cunliffe-Lister family located in Masham, England. The castle located next to the lake is then transformed into a luxury hotel with 30 rooms. Not only has a stunning building architecture, this castle is also designed with a beautiful interior. We have to spend a minimum of US$ 260


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