Youngstown Ohio has hypnotized me

Morning guys, yesterday where you go? or still busy with work routines. Do not be discouraged to keep the spirit, because ShortRoute have new traveling info, and it seems we can share information for this place.

Starting from wake up and confused looking for a mobile phone, which turned out to be a mobile mattress and lucky still remain intact. just open the lock system, and that first appears Youngstown, Ohio with a soothing image.

Obviously I’ve never heard the name of this city, it does not take long to get away from the mattress, face wash than get my phone again and type in google use keyword Youngstown Ohio.

The most interesting thing is the feel of the city from Youngstown Ohio, its vintage culture is still awake, the feel of a city that is not crowded.

Here are 10 cool photos that make you want to go and hunting to Youngstown, Ohio.

Lanterman’s Mill

Well, you’re driving on your way to Youngstown, Ohio –
which used to be a pretty prosperous industrial town. But
things probably haven’t gone quite as planned there for
several decades. And you then pass Lanterman’s Mill – a
well-known local landmark in the area. But it too it not quite
what it was since, as the proverb goes, “the mill cannot grind
with water that is past.”

Great Falls of Tinker’s Creek

The Great Falls of Tinker’s Creek, in Bedford, Ohio, is surrounded by colorful fall foliage.

Robinson Falls Secluded Waterfall

Robinson Falls, sometimes called Corkscrew Falls, is a beautiful little waterfall flowing in secluded, little-visited ravine in Ohio’s Hocking Hills.

The Cinderella Bridge

The Suspension Bridge in Mill Creek Park, also known as The
Silver Bridge, The Castle Bridge, The Cinderella Bridge and the
Fairy Tale Bridge, was recently rebuilt to specs. The 86 foot
long span was built in 1895 by the Youngstown Bridge Co., and
park officials say it’s the park’s oldest surviving bridge. Repairs
were made in 1931 and a major rehabilitation, needed
because of structural deficiencies, was completed in 1973. The
bridge earned placement on the National Register of Historic
Places in 1976. Reconstruction was only recently completed
and the bridge has not yet been opened to traffic.

Covered Bridge – Mill Creek Park, Youngstown

A view of the covered bridge in Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio.

Abandoned Hospital

this abandoned hospital looks like in a resident evil movie, it can be for a source of inspiration to make dioramas


The suburbs at the gate: visual description of the “rust belt”,
the zone where once upon a time coal and steel made works
and worker.

Fort Niagara

Historic Fort Niagara in Youngstown, New York as seen from Niagara On The Lake, Ontario.

Franklin Castle

Franklin Castle in Cleveland has a distinction known as the haunted house in Ohio. The building is large and dark with stone walls, a small tower, and a six-foot-tall fence. Hans Tiedemann, a wealthy German immigrant from the barrel making business and then the banking industry built the house in the mid-1800s.
Formerly the House became a clubhouse for the German Singing Society, home to German Socialist organizations, doctors offices, apartments, house parties, and even homes for bootleggers.


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